Weight Loss at Tampa Rejuvenation

Maintaining a healthy weight is essential not only in looking good, but in continuing to live your life with confidence and quality. Unfortunately, the average American diet––along with the high amounts of stress we put our bodies through––tends to lead to fatty weight gain that’s hard to cast off.

Weight gain might also be caused by a range of hidden medical issues, from simple genetics to poor liver function. Instead of relying on highly invasive, one-size-fits-all approaches to medical weight loss, health specialists at Tampa Rejuvenation utilize a variety of medical breakthroughs to help every weight-loss candidate achieve their goals.

Losing weight can be one of life’s toughest struggles, and it’s likely to get more difficult as the body gets older. The breakdown of cells and the slowing down of essential organs over time leads to degradation across the body. Today, you can reverse those effects and rejuvenate your body to lose weight and feel better than you have in years!

Here’s how Tampa Rejuvenation meets weight-loss needs for patients in the Tampa Bay area:

1 - Appetite Suppressants

Managing and fighting down cravings to lose weight can be a challenge, especially if you’re rooted in old, poor eating habits. Appetite suppressants can help you consume less food while giving your metabolism a refreshing boost. Along with the appetite suppressants, patients receive tailored nutritional plans that assist to maximize metabolism and speed up weight loss. This easy, combined method of treatment effectively burns away fat cells and instills healthier eating habits in patients for long-term results.

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2 - Vitamin Injections

The human body runs on a certain blend of nutrients and vitamins that stabilize healthy growth and maintenance. When our cells don’t receive these nutrients, they are more prone to breaking down and are less capable of healing themselves. This affects all the body’s systems, including the digestive system and metabolism, key functions in weight loss. Vitamin supplements that are taken orally don’t benefit the body the same way as vitamin injections or IV Therapy. During the digestive process, tablets or pills are broken down and much of the material is flushed out before it can be absorbed. However, vitamin injections (such as concentrated doses of amino acids, B12, and B6) and IV Therapy reach into the bloodstream and revitalize cells with nutrients likely missing in our diets.

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3 - Liver Detox

Sometimes, diets and exercise don’t seem to do the job. Regardless of how much a patient works out or how little they eat, the fat just isn’t coming off their body. This may be due to an excessive buildup of toxins in the liver. When the liver isn’t performing as it should, free radicals and other harmful toxins are more likely to invade cells and slow down their processes. Too many toxins in the liver lead to issues with bile production––an essential tool in the digestive process. This can all result in weight gain and an inability to lose fat among other concerning side effects. With Liver Detox Plans tailored by the health specialists at Tampa Rejuvenation, you can boost your immune system and increase energy while strengthening the liver to lose weight!

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4 - Food Allergy Testing

Food sensitivity doesn’t hit the body like a food allergy does. It has a delayed response, so instead of symptoms flaring up right after ingesting foods, these bothersome and harmful side effects show up hours––or even days––later. This would normally make it difficult to determine which foods are causing things like inflammation or an inability to lose weight. Our food allergy and sensitivity testing can easily tell the difference between the two and provide valuable insight to help patients determine the best weight-loss methods for their individual needs.

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5 - Body Composition

One of the keys to losing weight is understanding your body and how it reacts to diets and exercise. Everyone is built differently and, as a result, responds to influences differently. Two people may be the exact same height and weight, but the way their bodies hold their weight and in what areas can set them far apart. We employ cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive body composition report that covers everything from body fat mass to Basal Metabolic Rate.

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Simple & Thorough Weight-Loss Treatments

At Tampa Rejuvenation, our qualified team of health specialists are here to tailor individual weight-loss plans for patients around Tampa Bay. With a full range of selections, our offerings are great options for anyone looking to lose weight, stay healthy, and shape their features into the body of their dreams!

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