A lot of people associate hair loss as an issue only men struggle with, but most women also see a thinning of hair as they age. Women don’t experience the typical receding hairline or circle of balding on the back of their heads that men typically do – however, that does not mean that loss of hair in both quality and texture does not also occur.

You might have noticed hair falling out in the shower, hair leftover on your pillow in the morning, or simply a lack of fullness that you are used to. Don’t worry! Today, there are proven solutions to halt and often reverse hair loss in women that don’t involve surgeries or complicated procedures.

Hair loss can be embarrassing and can affect confidence. With the therapies and procedures at Tampa Rejuvenation we are able to rejuvenate dormant hair follicles and restore your hair to its former glory using your own growth factor.

Hair Loss Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation

It’s a good idea to understand what’s causing hair loss to determine the best treatment for you. After speaking with an intake specialist at Tampa Rejuvenation, they are able to customize a treatment plan for you and can advise potential therapies to improve hair quality, balance chemical levels (if that’s the underlying issue), and boost your self-confidence again!

Hair Restoration Before and After Tampa Rejuvenation

Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss in women can happen over time as our body’s chemical levels decrease or become imbalanced with aged which is, unfortunately, a part of life. Thinning hair may simply be a genetic predisposition, and you can usually tell by observing your mother’s or grandmother’s hair to see if she underwent changes in hair thickness and quality similar to your own. Decrease in hairs fullness can also be caused by issues such as alopecia, Lyme disease, hypothyroid, and traction thinning from pulling hair too tight.

Who’s A Good Candidate?

Each patient’s case is individual or unique, but if you have seen gradual hair loss in the past few years, or you have recovered from a medical procedure that caused hair loss, then you’re a great candidate!

What ever your circumstance may be, Tampa Rejuvenation offers comprehensive therapies for women to reverse hair loss and thinning – restoring hair without the need for complicated procedures.

How We Can Help

Our specialized hair restoration professionals will discuss potential therapies and procedures and help determine the treatment best suited for you. Some procedures can be combined with other modalities such as microneedling or a Theradome helmet to achieve outstanding results, without the need for surgery. In just a few simple treatments, you can stimulate dormant hair follicles, rejuvenate failing hair follicles, and achieve thicker, healthier hair naturally!

Menopause Therapy For Women

Our hair grows because the chemicals in our body tell it to do so. While many may think that dramatic decreases in these chemical levels are reserved for men only, that is not the case as both mean and women lose both chemicals and hair as a result of the aging process. This can lead to decreases in chemicals, sometimes causing insufficiencies or chemical conversions causing a dramatic decrease in hair production.

Pellet Therapy is the natural solution to your hair loss problems! Board certified practitioners that specialize in utilization of bio-identical, or natural, menopause therapy can evaluate your levels and find any imbalances or deficiencies attributing to decrease in hair growth. This form of therapy uses chemicals derived from natural resources that best mimic the molecular structure of the chemical levels occurring in our bodies so that we are able to absorb and integrate them just like the levels that used to produce naturally on our own. By alleviating the source of hair loss the practitioners at Tampa Rejuvenation are able to halt and reverse the hair loss process. Restore and revitalize your chemical levels to encourage hair growth at any one of our conveniently located Tampa Bay locations!

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Aesthetic Hair Restoration for Women


Aesthetic Hair Restoration is a revolutionary process that uses naturally occurring growth factors in our blood to rejuvenate any area in our body. With no need to worry about harsh chemicals, daily creams, or aggressive medications to restore your hair to its youthful quality!

This therapy for hair revives the cells that comprise the hair follicle to begin producing new hairs again. Which makes far more sense than hair transplants which take healthy hair follicles from another area of your scalp in the hopes of achieving thicker hair in the sparse or bare area – you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Instead we are able to treat hair in a way that is far less invasive and painful, with no concern of side effects as it is something that we already have naturally occurring in our body.

The healthy, full hair that grows after therapy is your own hair, using the growth factors our body already has to restore its growth.

Schedule an appointment with Tampa Rejuvenation today at one of our Tampa Bay clinics, or call to learn how aesthetic therapy for female hair loss can change your life!

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Aesthetic Therapy

Tampa Rejuvenation understands that as we age our natural growth factors decrease, for our older patients or patients with more progressive hair loss we recommended utilizing aesthetic therapy with our custom process. This can allow for maximum hair restoration with less treatments needed to achieve desired results with results lasting up to 3-5 years when combined with aesthetic therapy!

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