Tampa Skin Tightening Treatments

Viora can be used to minimize, or erase entirely, the appearance of facial and body wrinkles, crepiness, stretch marks, or just an overall decrease in the skin’s elasticity. As we age our collagen levels decrease, this decrease allows for wrinkles to form and damage to occur to the skin. Viora causes instant contraction of the tissue fibers to ensure immediate smoothing and tightening of the skin and stimulates collagen production so results will continue to be attained even after treatment as the new collagen is formed.

Our skin is made up of three different layers. The outermost layer is called the epidermis, the second, collagen-rich, layer is the dermis, and the innermost layer is the fat, or subcutaneous, layer. When the natural collagen of these three layers is broken down or destroyed as a result of the natural aging process, sunlight exposure, or inherited genetics of the individual, the face and body begin to sag and wrinkle formation begins. The Viora treatment not only tightens and restores the existing collagen structures but also potentiates the formation of fresh collagen to provide tighter skin and wrinkle reduction to the patient. The elastin and collagen created using Viora treatment will even out the striations present within the stretch marks, while the heat created by the Viora treatment will cause the fibrous tissue to contract decreasing width and size of the stretch marks.


tampa skin tightening treatments