Meet Our Staff

Tana Bornstein

Patient Intake Advisor

Tana Bornstein earned her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from Walsh University in the Spring of 2016 in North Canton, Ohio. In that time, she spent almost a year as an intern at Aultman Hospital in Cardiac Rehab, working directly with patients on exercise prescription.

Upon graduation, she spent some time personal training, then went on to become the Wellness Coordinator for a local Functional Medicine Practitioner, working with patients on nutrition, exercise, detoxification, supplementation, hormones and stress management.

After spending almost three years there, she decided to relocate to Tampa, Florida, where she began working for Tampa Rejuvenation and is continuing her passion for a more functional, holistic approach to health and wellness.

In her spare time, Tana is a competitive, elite powerlifter and she spends a lot of time in the gym training. Being a competitive athlete, Tana understands the determination and discipline it takes to live a healthy, active lifestyle. She brings this level of commitment to the gym as well as for her patients, helping them to reach their overall health and wellness goals.