Meet Our Staff

Rhoderick Manhattan, MS, RPAC, ATC, BS

PA-C OrthopedicTrained and Men's Sexual Health Specialist

Rhode was born and raised in North-West Pennsylvania, his passion for fitness started early as he played sports throughout his childhood and adolescence and was captain for multiple teams. He joined the Marine Corps and served for five years before attending Undergraduate at Slippery Rock University where he trained in both Athletic Training and Pre-Med.

He was chosen as one of five of over 5,000 applicants for the US Army PA Program, graduating from the University of Nebraska with his Masters. He went on to continue working on his education working in the Middle East with injured soldiers, serving the underprivileged in New York, and working in multiple orthopedic settings to really master his skill set.

Rhode has perfected his ability to assess and treat joints, ligaments, tendons, and inflammation. Preferring to regenerate the body rather than to mask the symptoms with injections or medications or perform a surgery that often involves an extended recovery process and downtime, he has implemented Stem Cell therapy to reverse the damage and inflammation in the joints as well as the body.

His goal for every patient is to relieve them of pain and help them return to their regular lifestyle and activity level.